From Turkish coffee to baklava, from mezes to seafood, from simit to Ottoman cuisine, Türkiye is a
great banquet table for food enthusiasts. Based on the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, today’s
Turkish culinary world is the fusion and refinement of Central Asian, West Asian, Balkan and
Arabic cuisines. Inspired and enriched by civilizations and cultures, Turkish cuisine is rich,
versatile, and refined. It is a cuisine that has been shaped over centuries with continuous
interaction of the cultural traditions.
All 7 regions of Türkiye, have different characteristics, changing ingredients and different
specialities in their cuisine. But there is one thing common: They are all very delicious.
HipTravel has a carefully selected list restaurants which reflect the best examples of regional
cuisines. Our choices are based up trusted expert reviews and our own trials. Either in İstanbul or

in any other place of Türkiye, from street food to fine dining, you may rely on our guidance for
trying the outstanding tastes of Turkish cuisine.