Health and wellness travel is rising in Türkiye both in terms of quality and quantity. More visitors
come to Türkiye for wellness purposes, while more top quality specialized H&W facilities start
delivering their services.
Medical services in Türkiye are in world standards. Apart from top quality medical services, patient
rights, privacy and safety is also top priority in Türkiye. From hair transplants to robotic assisted
surgery, health institutions in Türkiye are capable of delivering superb medical services. Qualified
personnel, competitive prices, top quality medical services make Türkiye a feasible alternative for
travellers seeking health solutions.
On the wellness side, Türkiye is also a hot spot in international tourism. Asia Minor or Anatolia has
always been a center for thermal springs since antique ages. Today, Türkiye’s thermal resources
rank 7th in the world and 1st in Europe. They are mostly located Aegean, Marmara and Central
Anatolia regions. Turkish bath or “hamams”, is also another source of wellness by water and they
surely must be visited. Premises are in world standards and their conditions have been
continuously monitored by the state agencies.
HipTravel has an established network of medical institutions which they co-operate in health and
wellness travel programs.