The city of empires

Probably there is no other city in the world where west meets east, collides, shuffles and melts into a gigantic hub of diverse traditions of cultures, lifestyles, architecture and cuisines. This dynamic and amazing city is decorated with tremendous historic treasures as it has been the capital of
Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires for more than 1500 years. Its natural beauty is breathtaking as it is the only city in the world located in two continents where Asian and European zones are separated with Bosphorus Straits. İstanbul is a “must see” place for everyone and it is
always ready to surprise its visitors with its rich culture and vast dynamism.

The city has so much to offer, a touristic visit to Istanbul should be planned to visitor’s interests and time allocation. As Hip Travel, we recommend a minimum stay of four days/3 nights, in order to have 2 full days to visit the city. It is in line with our customers’ general preference and it gives a brief and satisfying coverage of Istanbul for touristic purposes. Our two days tour programs are customized according to our customers’ preferences and interests (history, religion, nature, shopping, etc.) Of course, if our customers only have one day available in their itinerary, we also ave a compact and exclusive daily program for Istanbul as well. Our guides are all equipped with full command of their service language, in-depth knowledge of the city history and also top level hospitality standards. Our team of guides is shaped through years of customer feedback and working practice.