Vivid night life, blue flag beaches and historical landscape…
Homeros, writer of Odysseia, describes Halicarnassus (ancient name of Bodrum) as “the land of the eternal blue”. Bodrum is a spectacular coastal town where beauty of Aegean Sea is combined with vivid night life and set in a historical, glorious landscape. It is located on a peninsula at the

south-west corner of the Türkiye where Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. On Bodrum peninsula, there are plenty of nice, little towns and resorts scattered through its hinterland. It has variety of high quality hotels and holiday villages including some of the chicest in Europe. At the
center of Bodrum Bay, there is a spectacular medieval castle built by the Knights of the Rhodes, which today hosts one of the world’s most important underwater archeology museums. Bodrum is the place where once held the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the
world. Mausoleum was destroyed by earthquakes during middle ages but now there is the vibrant and charming town of Bodrum in its place which hosts millions of visitors all over the world, including some celebrities and high net worth individuals. With its intense nightlife, beautiful
beaches, historical sites, quality hotels and holiday villages, Bodrum is one of the most popular coastal towns not only in Türkiye but throughout the Mediterranean Regio.

Traditional Bodrum houses are characterized by their prismatic shapes, simplistic designs and locally sourced building materials like stone, wood, clay and cane. They also tend to have white dominated exterior walls with some blue parts (doors, windows).Apart from the historic tradition, the reason for a white exterior is associated with the bug and scorpion repellent properties of lime, which is found in white paint. Blue is also believed to protect against bad luck by locals.

Bodrum International Ballet Festival is being held in Bodrum every summer since 2002. Furthermore, Bodrum has also been hosting Bodrum International Biennial since 2014. Bodrum Baroque Music Festival is an another annual music event held in the cityThere are no airports in the city. 

Two airports serve the city. Milas–Bodrum Airport is located 36 kilometres (22 mi) northeast of Bodrum, with both domestic and international flights.[61] Kos Island International Airport, 70 kilometres (43 mi) to the SW, located in AndimachiaGreece, accessible by boats from Bodrum across a 20 kilometres (12 mi) stretch of the Aegean Sea