Shore Excursions - Private tours for cruise passengers

İstanbul, Kuşadası or any other port, HipTravel delivers the cruise passengers the enjoyment of private tours. We provide professional guides, luxury vehicles and drivers, so they can have their own private tour and arrange their programs according to their wishes. HipTravel is an expert agency in shore excursions operations. We have been running private tours for cruise travellers predominantly İstanbul and Kuşadası ports but also other ports of Türkiye depending on customer request.
Our expertise and experience in cruise operations guarantee maximum customer satisfaction in shore excursions. We arrange our tour programs according to client’s wishes and ship’s itinerary in order to maximize their stay and benefit in visited ports.

Blue Voyage - Gulet excursions on Aegean coast

“Aegean Costs of Türkiye is the most beautiful place on earth.” It is an expression we have heard many times from our customers after their Blue Voyage Tour. We also believe that would not be an
overstatement. Gulet or yacht excursions on Aegean Cost, or Blue Voyage as we call it, would be an unforgettable part of a trip to Türkiye. Either combined with a land tour or as a stand alone cruise, a Blue Voyage is an excellent way of getting to know the beautiful Aegean Coast. We have various options of gullets and yachts depending on the duration of journey, budget allocated and
size of the group. All our yacht and gulets are fully equipped for blue water sail. They are all in very good conditions and they are operated by experienced and trained staff. Based on customer demand, a professional guide might also accompany during the journey. If you wish so, you may request a guide to accompany you throughout your journey. If you contact us for a Blue Voyage Tour, it will surely be an experience you will never forget lifetime.